What Qualifications do You Need to Become a Social Worker?

Social workers help people from a wide cross section of society to deal with an even wider array of problems. Although every case is different, typically it is the role of a social worker to help people gain the skills they need to live their lives better.

The social work job consists of helping people deal with problems presented from external factors as well as teaching life skills.

Social work has become a cornerstone of the UK healthcare system, as such the call for more social workers has grown considerably and led to a number of jobs in social work opening up in the NHS.

This article explains both the qualities and qualifications of people who are interested in becoming a social worker will need to succeed.

Personal qualities

Social workers are required to deal with people who suffer from a wide and often complex range of issues. It is down to those working in social care to provide clear unbiased help. Personal character traits that are considered important for social workers include –

  • Tolerance and a non-judgemental attitude;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Enjoy working as part of a team and for the benefit of others;
  • Possesses good problem solving abilities;

If applicants possess these skills it is a good basis for further development within the role and during education in the world of social work.

Education and qualifications

Applicants wishing to train as a social worker need to attain a professional qualification in social work, typically to degree standard or higher.

Many universities offer degrees on either a part or full time basis allowing students to undertake work experience alongside their studies if necessary.

The degree course will also offer students the opportunity to go into specialist fields such as: learning difficulties or training for social care management jobs.

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