Educating Our Veterans

One of the most beneficial programs for our American veterans is their right to an education. We are all very happy to take the time to thank our military personnel for their service to our country. However, we should all, also, take more interest in veterans scholarship programs that really do prepare our returning soldiers for the rest of their lives. We should also take note that many military friendly colleges do exist in our country, and these schools should make us very proud that we live in a country that will help to pay for the education of veterans.

What are the educational options for our returning soldiers? We should all take note of the genuine obstacles that happen when a soldier is transitioning from a challenging tour in active duty to the civilian workforce. It makes sense to know that having an Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree or other certification makes an American Veteran more employable. Fortunately, many institutions and on-line colleges—many that offer both options—are available to veterans. These schools provide an education that is aimed towards a specific career or non-military vocation. These are the schools that prepare our veterans, with a specific education, for the workforce of our country and their own important futures.

What types of career opportunities might our veterans consider? The health-care industry, for one, offers various possibilities for study. In the nursing profession, former veterans can obtain a Nurse Assistant Diploma, a Practical Nurse Diploma or a four-year degree in Register Nursing. Other possibilities are Medical Assistant Diplomas, Medical Assisting Associates Degrees and Medical Information or Office Specialist Certificates.

In the dental category, which is popular with veterans, are Dental Assistant Diplomas and Dental Assistant Associate Degrees. Some veterans may even choose to study Massage Therapy, Veterinary Technology, or other degrees or programs that are geared towards the booming health-care industry.

In the business genre, veterans also have many possibilities for study. They make work towards a Business Administration Diploma or a Business Administration Associates Degree, and it is possible to use online services for some or all of these programs. Many opportunities exist in Business Management as well, including accounting, human resources and other choices. In additions, veterans may choose to study the trades with possible certificates or certifications in cosmetology, HVAC and electrical fields. Another areas of interest are the criminal justice degree programs or paralegal possibilities.

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